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New Home for the Holiday’s?


By:  Kevin X. Strange

Yeah! it is that time of year, pumpkin spiced coffee, cool brisk mornings and warm apple cider. Everyone knows that once you see these items showing up in the local coffee shops and grocery stores that the holidays are on the way. With the holidays, comes the hosting of family and friends to share time with while building wonderful memories. The only open question is where will the gatherings take place this year? Great news, there is still time to locate and purchase a new home and add those finishing touches all before the guests arrive. 

If you are considering a move before the holidays, here are 6 major steps to put on your checklist.   

  • Consider your financing option and secure financing.
  • Get Pre-Approved for your home so you can look for something that fits your budget and will allow you to move quickly when you locate that perfect home.  
  • Find a Realtor in your area. 
  • Ask a Friend
  • Search Online
  • Find a home.
  • You have a realtor now he/she works for you.
  • Make an offer.
  • Your real estate agent will help you on determining how much you want to offer for the house along with any items that you want to ask for. 
  • Get a home inspection.
  • Even if the home you plan to purchase appears to be in great condition, it is best to have a trained professional inspect the property for the quality, safety and the overall condition of the home. 
  1. Close and move in. – 

You did it. Now send out the evite to your family and friends and have an amazing party! 

If you are in the North Atlanta area, I would be happy to assist you in getting in that new home for the holidays. You can start your search on my website there you will find a host of great tools to help with the purchasing process. 

Listen to Your Financial Planner. Diversify...But Do It Within Real Estate!

By:  Doug Leedy  

  We're in a new economy. Anyone can see that. Technology is changing everything, and real estate will not be exempt from that.
  The question is...what are YOU doing to take advantage of that? Whenever there is adversity, there is also opportunity IF you have the vision to see it. Do you have a plan?
  Find a way to set yourself apart from the 1.2M licensed agents in this country. Invest in the industry in which you make your living. Set up a plan, be your own bank, make money work for you instead of you working for money. You have a unique opportunity to change your life and the lives of your kids and your grandkids. Build your Real Estate Empire.

Doug Leedy

Independent Contracted Marketer
Phone: 330.464.5488

It is Not Always About You

By Reginald Carmelia

  Wow, the World, our People, Corona Virus, as real estate professionals we are at times only looking at the next deal, money and our profits. However, with the change in life and lifestyle due to the pandemic and with that endless possibilities come out of the dirt. We must review our hearts and minds thinking with a clear long-term perspective.


   How do we help and support our new world and make a living so we can take care of our families? Ok, let’s start; First, we look at our surroundings and how it will affect our business model. Second, we adjust our business model to fit it. However, I could be back to the same old structure but more than likely a niche has been created. Finally, is that niche really a long-term position that I want to be in.


   Let’s look at The Niche, the opportunity, like I stated above is that where you want to really be or do with your business? Is that an area that will help move us forward as a society? Is that something, (that Niche) you want others to remember about you? God, gave us all great gifts whether they be large or small to uplift his kingdom for the betterment of others. We are real estate professional all having our areas of focus and expertise. Consequently, you in deep thought; must remember that you can use it for bad or to uplift others that are in positions of pain and worry during this time of the Corona Virus!! Make a choice!! Because it is not always about you!!!

Reginaldo D. Carmelia

InvestCurb Apparel

04 June 2019


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