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Today's Stock Market Action 9/4/2020

What a day for the stock market today? Like a rollercoaster ride, and the downside was still scary. Holding ground the XLRE ended up 58.62% in the green and 41.38% in the red.

If you was watching stocks today, oh boy, the morning started out scary again. With most sectors in the red, the market did create a little bounce back. Some of the small cap stocks did better, but the big caps still pulled back just about 10%. Being set up with historic access liquidity, we are hoping to still pull targets successfully. The top runners in the XLRE today was MAC, SPG, HST, SLG, and VNO. Let's see where these stocks perform in the weeks to come.

Being careful with trades and making sure your stop losses are at the right place, sometimes you might get out just in enough time not to lose your savings. Volatility has got everyone on their toes and sitting upright in their seats paying close attention to how these stocks are moving. Up here and down here is the way this game is being played, so money management strategies have to be sharp while trading. The Real Estate Management and Development Industries Market Cap ended the day at 56.9 Billion. Let's see what magic next week brings with Labor Day weekend starting off the week. 

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