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Why Are We Poor?

By: William Wheeler


Why is the word poor not considered another 4 letter curse word?


I can sometimes believe we are not poor financially. We can be poor mentally and spiritually. I can believe we are poorly educated. Maybe, what interests some people are different. Being rich with wealth is not new, it was in the bible. Land, Cattle, Rice, Grain, Horses, and Kingdoms.


Is today really any different?


This world will not give you anything if you do not ask for it.

Then ask yourself, who will give you what you want?


God or Devil, Good or Evil, Legal or Illegal. Or are those names that hold us back or advance us.


FEAR makes us poor. Scared to be successful makes you poor. Afraid to be the best you can be, makes you poor. Afraid to own property, gold, stocks, bonds, life insurance, businesses, the world, make you poor.


We grow up hearing if you are successful, they will come and take it away from you and that you can not own anything.




How do you hoard 700 billion dollars?




By not spending it.


Some might say, you must be a fool. I can't save that type of money. Maybe you can't, but if trash is filling our seas and shores, how much money was spent on it to get there? How much money is spent on guns, drugs, and sex to equal billions of dollars?

We have money, we just spend it all. As the old saying goes, even a squirrel is smart enough to save a nut for the wintertime.

With your savings, what are you owning? I say that to say, when you consider yourself poor, that is simply saying you own nothing. You waste your money. You spend money on items that don't bring value to your family, your friends, your nation. That is what makes you poor.


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