One practice we found that helped avoid a lot of headaches and issues with your tenant when they move out, is to do your move out inspection separate from the tenant and on your own time following your state guidelines. This helps avoid he said she said and allows you to have professionals do a thorough inspection of the unit.

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Europe are reporting a resurgance in Covid-19 infections after a brief pause.

There are many ways to collect rent; cash, money order, door to door, ACH, cashpay, and many more. We talk about each and why we prefer our tenants pay with cashpay for their benefit and ours.

Here Kevin Strange explains the difference between pre-qualification and pre-approval.

By: William Wheeler


Why is the word poor not considered another 4 letter curse word?


I can sometimes believe we are not poor financially. We can be poor mentally and spiritually. I can believe we are poorly educated. Maybe, what interests some people are different. Being rich with wealth is not new, it was in the bible. Land, Cattle, Rice, Grain, Horses, and Kingdoms.

Here you can see where Cape Coral and Ft. Myers Opportunity Zones are.

Today was a good day for the real estate sector.

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