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Quancheye Releases New Album "The Scholars Mate"

Quancheye Releases New Album "The Scholars Mate"


New York-based Rap music producer Equan has released this new album, "The Scholars Mate." The album is a collection of 10 tracks that showcase Quancheye's unique blend of ambient, downtempo, uptempo and experimental Hip Hop.

The album opens with the track "You Aint Got Nothing On Us," which sets the tone for the rest of the album with its Booming Hip Hop feel, atmospheric soundscape. The track features lush synths, delicate percussion, and Quancheye's signature vocal lyrics.

The following tracks on the album explore a variety of different moods and textures. "For The Rest Of My Life" is a more upbeat track with a driving beat, while "Stronger" is a more subdued track with a dreamy atmosphere. "WarFace" is a dark and atmospheric track that features some of Quancheye's most experimental production work.

The album closes with the track "For You," which is a beautiful and reflective track that brings the album full circle.

"The Scholars Mate" is a well-crafted album that showcases Quancheye's unique talent for creating atmospheric and immersive Rap music. The album is sure to please fans of ambient, downtempo, Uptempo and experimental Rap.

The album is available now on all major streaming platforms.


Listen to it on Spotify now.

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