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How Do You Become Your Own Bank? (Douglas Andrew)

A Clip from Money Revealed Episode 8 is here and ready to shake the financial world. Douglas Andrew, Author, and Financial Strategist One of the top experts in his field. Douglas Andrew will show you how to properly manage your financial assets. From the mindset to the actual strategies, you will learn it all. Remember to watch the video again and take notes. Come join us by registering at to get access to all full episodes. The video covers the following subjects: - What can you really do with your money? - What do banks really do with your money? - What is OPM? - The velocity of money - How many times does the average bank turns over the same money they lend? - Are producers rigged by the system to work forever? - How do you become your own bank? - What is the best-kept secret in the financial world? - What are the 3 dimensions of wealth?

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