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Why NU Holdingings LTD Looks Promising To The Future

Why NU Holdingings LTD Looks Promising To The Future



Nu Holdings: A Promising Future Ahead

Nu Holdings, also known as Nubank, is a Brazilian digital bank that has seen significant growth since its founding in 2013. The company is well-positioned to continue this trend, capitalizing on the increasing demand for digital banking services in Latin America.

Strong Growth

Nu Holdings has experienced rapid growth in recent years. In 2022, the company's revenue grew by 87% year-over-year to $1.6 billion. The company's customer base has also grown rapidly, reaching 85 million customers in Latin America as of July 2023.

Solid Financials

Nu Holdings has a strong financial position. The company has a Basel Index of 20.2% in Brazil, which is above the regulatory requirement of 11%. The company also has a low efficiency rate of 33%, which means that it is able to generate a high amount of revenue from its operating expenses.

Expanding Market

Nu Holdings operates in a large and growing market. Latin America is home to over 650 million people, and the region's digital banking market is expected to grow from $10 billion in 2022 to $30 billion by 2025.

Competitive Strengths

Nu Holdings has a number of competitive strengths that position it well for future growth. The company has a strong brand reputation and a loyal customer base. Nu Holdings is also known for its innovative products and services, such as its credit card with no annual fee and its digital bank account with no monthly fee.

Future Outlook

Nu Holdings is well-positioned to continue its growth trajectory in the coming years. The company has a strong financial position, operates in a large and growing market, and has a number of competitive strengths.

In addition to the above, here are some other factors that make Nu Holdings a promising investment:

  • Nu Holdings is a leader in the Brazilian fintech market. Brazil has the largest fintech market in Latin America, and Nu Holdings is the leading fintech company in the country. This gives Nu Holdings a strong foundation to build on as it expands into other Latin American markets.
  • Nu Holdings is expanding into new product categories. In addition to its credit card and digital bank account, Nu Holdings is also offering other products and services, such as loans, insurance, and investments. This expansion into new product categories will help Nu Holdings to grow its revenue and customer base.
  • Nu Holdings is backed by strong investors. Nu Holdings has attracted investments from leading venture capital firms and hedge funds. This investor support will help Nu Holdings to continue to grow and innovate.

Overall, Nu Holdings is a promising investment for investors who are looking for exposure to the growing Latin American fintech market. The company has a strong financial position, a large and loyal customer base, and a number of competitive strengths. Nu Holdings is also expanding into new product categories and is backed by strong investors.

Directory of Top 100 Pension Fund Managers


Sep 01, 1997

NREI presents the Top 100 Pension Fund Managers as ranked by Nelson Information Inc., Port Chester, N.Y., based on real estate assets managed as of July 23, 1997. Combined, these 100 firms manage $241.5 billion out of the total $256.6 billion of real estate assets managed by all real estate investment management firms.


Denotes a tie


1 ERE Yarmouth (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 24754.9 Year Founded: 1859 3424 Peachtree Road, N.E., Atlanta, GA 30326 Douglas A. Tibbetts, Pres.


2 CIGNA Investment Management, Real Estate (Insurance Co. Affiliate) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 14017.0 Year Founded: 1967 S-314 , Hartford, CT 06152-2314 Philip J. Ward, Investment Officer


3 John Hancock Real Estate Investment Group (Insurance Co. Affiliate) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 10827.0 Year Founded: 1966 Hancock Place 53rd Floor, Boston, MA 02117-0111 Kevin Mcguire, Pres.


4 LaSalle Advisors Limited (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 10114.1 Year Founded: 1968 200 E. Randolph, Chicago, IL 60601 Stuart L. Scott, CEO


5 Heitman Capital Management (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 9778.0 Year Founded: 1966 180 N. LaSalle St Chicago, IL 60601-3100 Charles Wurtzebach, CEO


6 AMP Investments Australia Ltd. (Insurance Co. Affiliate) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 8154.0 Year Founded: 1849 GPO Box 4134, Sydney 2001 Australia Andrew Threadgold, CEO


7 Prudential Private Asset Management Group (Insurance Co. Affiliate) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 8130.3 Year Founded: 1970 8 Campus Drive, Parsippany, NJ 07054 Les Horsager, CEO

8 Richard Ellis Property Fund Management (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 7500.0 Year Founded: 1773 Berkeley Square House, London W1X 6AN England Andrew Hearn, Director of Marketing


9 General Growth Properties (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 6700.0 Year Founded: 1993 55 W. Monroe, Ste. 3100, Chicago IL 60603 Matthew Bucksbaum, CEO


10 RREEF (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 6673.1 Year Founded: 1975 101 California St., 26th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94111 Donald A. King, CEO


11 AEW Capital Management (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 6537.0 Year Founded: 1981 225 Franklin St., Boston, MA 02110-2803 Joseph F. Azrack, CEO


12 Boston Financial (Real Estate Mgr.) (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 5659.3 Year Founded: 1969 101 Arch St., 16th Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1106 Fred N. Pratt, CEO


13 Corporate Property Investors (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 4500.0 Year Founded: 1971 Three Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, 305 E. 47th St., New York, NY 10017 Mark S. Ticotin, Pres.


14 GE Investments (Real Estate) (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 4339.0 3003 Summer St., Stamford, CT 06905-4316 John H. Myers, CEO


15 Jones Lang Wootton (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 4152.1 Year Founded: 1982 355 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10017 Charles Grossman, Investment Officer


16 AEGON USA Realty Advisors (Insurance Co. Affiliate) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 4138.0 4333 Edgewood Road, N.E., Cedar Rapids, IA 52499-0001 David Blankenship, Pres.


17 Allegis Realty Investors LLC (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 3970.2 Year Founded: 1984 242 Trumbull St. ARI4T, Hartford, CT06103-1205 James W. O'Keefe, CEO


18 Healey & Baker (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 3967.0 Year Founded: 1820 29 St. George St., Hanover Square, London W1A 3BG England P.D. Orchard-Lisle, CEO


19 Equity Group Investments (Broker Affiliate) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 3937.3 Two N. Riverside Plaza, 7th Floor, Chicago, IL 60606-2609 Timothy Callahan, Investment Officer

20 Cohen & Steers Capital Management (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 3867.0 Year Founded: 1986 757 Third Ave. 27th Floor, New York, NY 10017-2013 Robert H. Steers, CEO


21 Westmark Realty Advisors L.L.C. (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 3736.0 Year Founded: 1971 865 S. Figueroa St., Ste. 3500, Los Angeles, CA 90017-2543 Richard C. Clotfelter, CEO


22 MIG Realty Advisors (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 3220.0 Year Founded: 1984 One Clearlake Centre, 250 Australian Ave. S., Ste 400, W. Palm Beach, FL 33401 Larry E. Wright, CEO


23 Sentinel Real Estate Corporation (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 2877.8 Year Founded: 1969 666 Fifth Ave. , New York, NY 10103-2698 John H. Streicker, CEO


24 L&B Real Estate Counsel (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 2774.9 Year Founded: 1983 8750 N. Central Expressway Ste. 800, Dallas, TX 75231-6437 M. Thomas Lardner, CEO


25 Beacon Properties Corp. (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 2600.0 50 Rowes Wharf , Boston, MA 02110-3328 Alan M. Leventhal, CEO


26 AMB Institutional Realty Advisors (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 2540.0 Year Founded: 1983 505 Montgomery St., 5th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94111-2552 Hamid R. Moghadam, CEO


27 UBS Asset Management (NY)- (Real Estate) (Bank Affiliate) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 2379.9 Year Founded: 1972 1345 Ave. of the Americas, 47th Floor, New York, NY 10105 Henry W. Haunss CIO


28 Phoenix Realty (Insurance Co. Affiliate) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 2348.3 Year Founded: 1981 38 Prospect St., P.O. Box 150479, Hartford CT 06115-0479 Scott C. Noble, CEO


29 Meditrust (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 2285.8 Year Founded: 1985 197 First Ave. P.O. Box 9127, Needham Heights, MA 02194-9127 Abraham D. Gosman, CEO


30 INVESCO Realty Advisors (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 2278.1 Year Founded: 1983 5400 LBJ Freeway Ste. 1200, Dallas, TX 75240 David A. Ridley, Pres.


31 Sarofim Realty Advisors (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 2108.0 Year Founded: 1985 8201 Preston Road, Ste. 300, Dallas, TX 75225-6209 C.A. Galpern, Pres.

32 W.P. Carey & Company (Bank Affiliate) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 2100.0 Year Founded: 1973 50 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10020-1605 William P. Carey, CEO


33 Schroders Australia Property Management (Bank Affiliate) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 2066.2 Year Founded: 1972 225 George St., Sydney 2000 Australia Andrew Jaffray, Investment Officer


34 Kennedy Assocs. Real Estate Counsel (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 2012.0 Year Founded: 1975 2400 Financial Center Building, 1215 Fourth Ave., Seattle,WA 98161 Duff Kennedy, CEO


35 Hancock Timber Resource Group (Insurance Co. Affiliate) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 1999.9 Year Founded: 1985 99 High St. 26th Floor, Boston, MA02110 Endicott Peabody, Director of Marketing


36 Health & Retirement Properties Trust (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 1947.0 Year Founded: 1986 400 Centre St. , Newton, MA 02158-2076 David J. Hegarty, Pres.


37 Koll Investment Management (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 1906.0 Year Founded: 1993 4343 Von Karman Ave., Newport Beach, CA 92660-2005 Bill Harris, Investment Officer


38 GE Capital Investment Advisors (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 1683.0 Year Founded: 1995 444 Market St., Ste. 2100, San Francisco, CA 94111-5331 Victor B. MacFarlane, CEO


39(tie) Morguard Investments Limited (Insurance Co. Affiliate) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 1600.0 Year Founded: 1966 One University Ave., Ste. 1500, Toronto, ON M5J 2V5 Canada Tony Stephens, CEO


39(tie) Laureate Realty Services (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 1600.0 227 W. Trade St., Ste. 400, Charlotte, NC 28202 Thomas S. Dennard, CEO


40 Spieker Properties (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 1390.3 Year Founded: 1993 2180 Sand Hill Road, Ste. 200, Menlo Park, CA 94025-6935 Warren E. Spieker, CEO


41 Royal Insurance Asset Management (Insurance Co. Affiliate) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 1390.0 Year Founded: 1990 Westgate House, 9 Holborn, London EC1N 2QE England Richard Johnson, CEO


42 Greystone Realty Corporation (Insurance Co. Affiliate) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 1362.3 Year Founded: 1988 100 First Stamford Place, Sixth Floor, Stamford, CT 06902 Donald E. Conover, CEO


43 Lowe Enterprises Investment Management (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 1227.5 Year Founded: 1972 11777 San Vicente Blvd., Ste. 900, Los Angeles, CA 90049-5011 Robert J. Lowe, CEO


44 McMorgan & Co. (Real Estate Mgr.) (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 1210.0 Year Founded: 1969 One Bush St., Ste. 800, San Francisco, CA 94104-4441 Thomas A. Morton, CEO


45 United Dominion Realty Trust (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 1131.1 Year Founded: 1972 10 S. Sixth St., Richmond, VA 23219-3802 John P. McCann, CEO


46 Post Properties (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 1109.3 3350 Cumberland Circle, Ste. 2200, Atlanta, GA 30339-3363 John A. Williams, CEO


47 U.S. Realty Advisors, LLC (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 1098.4 Year Founded: 1989 1370 Ave. of the Americas, 29th Floor, New York, NY 10019-4602 Richard H. Ader, CEO


48 UBS Resource Investments Int'l (Bank Affiliate) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 1076.9 Year Founded: 1982 Trade Center - Box 24, 24 Airport Road, W. Lebanon, NH 03784-1663 C. Edward Broom, CEO


49 Raymond James Realty Advisors (Broker Affiliate) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 1024.0 Year Founded: 1989 7000 Central Parkway, Ste. 1500, Atlanta, GA 30328-4597 J. Robert Love, CEO


50 Weatherall Green & Smith (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 1012.6 Year Founded: 1860 22 Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1LT England Eilan Goldwin, CEO


51 USF&G Realty Advisors (Insurance Co. Affiliate) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 1010.0 Year Founded: 1989 6225 Centennial Way LB0101, Baltimore, MD 21209 Charles Werhane, CEO


52 Cabot Partners Limited Partnership (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 1005.5 Year Founded: 1986 Two Center Plaza, Ste. 200, Boston, MA 02108-1906 Ferdinand Colloredo-Mansfeld, CEO


53 Felcor Ste. Hotels, Inc. (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 978.8 Year Founded: 1994 545 E. John Carpenter Freeway, Ste. 1300, Irving, TX 75062 Thomas Corcoran, CEO


54 Crown American Realty Trust (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 960.0 Pasquerilla Plaza, Johnstown, PA 15901 Frank Pasquerilla, CEO


55 AMRESCO Advisors, Inc. (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 947.7 Year Founded: 1996 265 Franklin St., 18th Floor, Boston, MA02116 Stephen J. Murphy, Investment Officer


56 DRA Advisors, Inc. (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 920.0 Year Founded: 1986 1180 Ave. of the Americas, 18th Floor, New York, NY 10036-8401 Francis X. Tansey, CEO


57 PM Realty Advisors (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 915.0 Year Founded: 1868 800 Newport Center Drive, Ste. 300, Newport Beach, CA 92660-6315 Laura R. Gaylord, Investment Officer


58 ULLICO (Insurance Co. Affiliate) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 888.3 Year Founded: 1927 111 Massachusetts Ave., N.W., Washington, DC 20001-1461 Michael R. Steed, CIO


59 NWM Property Advisory Ltd. (Bank Affiliate) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 883.3 8 Fenchurch Place, London EC3M 4TE England J.L. Fender, Investment Officer


60 Union Labor Life Insurance Co. (Insurance Co. Affiliate) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 839.6 Year Founded: 1927 111 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20001-1498 Robert A. Georgine, CEO


61 Gables Residential (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 785.0 2859 Paces Ferry Road Ste. 1450, Atlanta, GA 30339-5701 Marcus E. Bromley, CEO


62 Legg Mason Real Estate Services (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 743.1 Year Founded: 1954 Mellon Bank Center, 12th Floor, 1735 Market St., Philadelphia, PA 19103-7501 M. Walter D'Alessio, CEO


63 Schroder Real Estate Associates (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 742.0 Year Founded: 1972 437 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10022-7189Norman L. Peck, CEO


64 Prudential Agricultural Investments (Insurance Co. Affiliate) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 704.0 Year Founded: 1878 801 Warrenville Road, Ste. 600, Lisle, IL 60532-1357 Mel Gould, Investment Officer


65 SFRE, Inc. (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 700.0 Year Founded: 1963 66 Canal Center Plaza Ste. 700, Alexandria, VA 22314-1591 Nitin M. Chittal, CEO


66 Colonial Properties Trust (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 679.6 2101 6th Ave. N., Ste. 750, Birmingham, AL 35203 Thomas H. Lowder, CEO


67 Hearthstone Advisors (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 669.0 Year Founded: 1989 16830 Ventura Boulevard, Ste. 352, Encino, CA 91436-1716 Richard Werner, CEO


68 DLJ Real Estate Capital Partners, L.P. (Broker Affiliate) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 660.0 277 Park Ave. 19th Floor, New York, NY 10172 Neil N. Hasson, Investment Officer


69 MIMLIC Asset Management Co. (Insurance Co. Affiliate) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 655.8 Year Founded: 1984 400 Robert St. N. Station 15-4452, St. Paul, MN 55101-2015 Paul Gooding, CEO


70 ASB Capital Mgmt. (R.E. Mgr.) (Bank Affiliate) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 647.6 Year Founded: 1983 1101 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Ste. 300, Washington, DC 20004-2514 Robert M. Phillips, CEO


71 Camden Property Trust (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 646.5 3200 S.W. Freeway, Ste. 1500, Houston, TX 77027 Richard J. Campo, CEO


72 McNeil Capital, LLC (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 645.0 Year Founded: 1996 4 Embarcadero Center, Ste. 3250, San Francisco, CA 94111 Carole J. McNeil, CEO


73 Penreal Advisors Ltd. (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 627.5 Year Founded: 1982 1090 W Georgia St., Ste. 700, Vancouver, BC V6E 3V7 Canada Walter R. Badun, CEO


74 Midland Advisory Services (MAS) (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 605.0 Year Founded: 1983 33 N. Garden Ave., Ste. 1200, Clearwater, FL 34615 Robert J. Banks, CEO


75 Charles E. Smith Residential Realty (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 586.5 2345 Crystal Drive, Crystal City, Arlington, VA 22202-4801 Robert P. Kogod, CEO


76 American Realty Advisors (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 583.4 Year Founded: 1976 700 N. Brand Boulevard, Ste. 300, Glendale, CA 91203-1261 Stanley L. Iezman, CEO


77 Advance Property Fund (Bank Affiliate) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 573.1 Level 10, 182 George St., Sydney 2000 Australia Russell Hooper, Investment Officer


78 Westpac Investment Mgmt. Pty Ltd. (Bank Affiliate) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 559.2 Year Founded: 1958 Level 36, Westpac Plaza, 60 Margaret St., Sydney NSW 2000 Australia Ian Macoun, CEO


79 GIO Asset Management (Insurance Co. Affiliate) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 557.8 Year Founded: 1927 Level 10, 111 Elizabeth St., Sydney 2000 Australia Mark Dutton, CEO


80 Hawaiian Trust Company (Bank Affiliate) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 542.0 Year Founded: 1893 Financial Plaza of the Pacific, P.O. Box 3170, Honolulu, HI 96802-3170 W.J. Laskey, CEO


81 TGM Associates L.P. (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 541.3 Year Founded: 1991 650 Fifth Ave. 28th Floor, New York, NY 10019-6108 Thomas Gochberg, CEO


82 Ambassador Apartments, Inc. (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 525.0 77 W. Wacker Drive, Ste. 4040, Chicago, IL 60601-1629 David M. Glickman, CEO


83 Berkshire Realty Co. (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 519.1 Year Founded: 1990 Harbor Plaza, 470 Atlantic Ave., Boston, MA 02210 David Marshall, CEO


84(tie) Rosen Associates Management Corp. (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 500.0 Year Founded: 1959 333 Jericho Turnpike, Jericho, NY 11753 Robert A. Rosen, CEO


84(tie) Capital Apartment Properties, Inc. (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 500.0 11200 Rockville Plaza, Ste. 400, Rockville, MD 20852-3103 Richard L. Kadish, CEO


85 Canagex Inc. (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 496.6 Year Founded: 1972 The Exchange Tower, 130 King St. W., Ste. 1130, Toronto, ON M5X 1E3 Canada Robert Ciamarro, Pres.


86 M.D. Sass Group of Companies (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 481.0 Year Founded: 1972 1185 Ave. of the Americas, 18th Floor, New York, NY 10036-2699 Martin D. Sass, CEO


87 Bristol Group, Inc. (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 464.0 Year Founded: 1980 400 Montgomery St., Ste. 400, San Francisco, CA 94104-1213 James J. Curtis, Pres.


88 Rothschild Realty (Broker Affiliate) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 463.5 Year Founded: 1981 1251 Ave. of the Americas, 51st Floor, New York, NY 10020-1104 John D. McGurk, Pres.


89 Morgan Stanley Asset Management (Broker Affiliate) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 453.2 Year Founded: 1975 1221 Ave. of the Americas, New York, NY 10020-1001 James Allwin, Pres.


90 Essex Property Trust (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 437.1 777 California Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94304-1102 Keith R. Guericke, CEO


91 Urdang & Associates Real Estate Advisors (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 421.0 Year Founded: 1987 630 W. Germantown Pike, Ste. 321, Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462-1074 E. Scott Urdang, CEO


92(tie) Capital Property Trust (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 403.0 60 Marcus Clarke St., Canberra ACT 2601 Australia Chris O'Donnell, CEO


92(tie) Northern Trust Global Advisors (Bank Affiliate) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 403.0 Year Founded: 1976 300 Atlantic St., Ste. 400, Stamford, CT 06901-3540 Edgar W. Barksdale, CEO


93 Kensington Realty Advisors (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 400.0 Year Founded: 1991 77 W. Wacker Drive, Ste. 4150, Chicago, IL 60601-1629 James S. Smith, CEO


94 Beutel, Goodman & Co. Ltd. (Real Estate) (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 372.8 Year Founded: 1967 20 Eglinton Ave. W., Ste. 1502, Toronto, ON M4R 1K8 Canada Owen R. McCreery, Pres.


95(tie) Regency Windsor Companies (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 350.0 8500 N. Keystone Ave., Ste. 530, Indianapolis, IN 46240-4325 John A. Purdie, CEO


95(tie) Allied Capital Advisers (Independent) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 350.0 Year Founded: 1976 1666 K St., N.W., 9th Floor, Washington, DC 20006-2803 David Gladstone, CEO


96 Wachovia Timberland Investment Management (Bank Affiliate) Real Estate Assets ($ Mil.): 349.1 Year Founded: 1981 MC 37131, 100 N.Main St., Winston-Salem, NC 27150-0001 James F. Webb, CEO

Businesses on Radar

Immutep Ltd NASDAQ: IMMP


Immutep Ltd, formerly Prima BioMed Ltd., is a biotechnology company. The Company is engaged in research, development and commercialization of licensed medical biotechnology. It is also focused on development of immunotherapeutic products. The Company operates through Cancer Immunotherapy segment. Its core technologies are based on the Lymphocyte-activation gene 3 (LAG-3) immune control mechanism, which is involved in regulation of the T cell immune response. Its product, IMP321, is in clinical development for the treatment of a range of cancer indications, such as Metastatic Breast Cancer. IMP321 is in Phase IIb trials for Metastatic Breast Cancer and is being studied in Phase I for the treatment of Metastatic Melanoma. The Company is also focused on development of other products, which include IMP701, an antibody for cancer, and CVac, which is a personalized immunocellular therapeutic investigated for the treatment of epithelial cancer.

Sierra Metals Inc NYSE American: SMTS

Sierra Metals Inc, formerly Dia Bras Exploration Inc, is a Canada-based mining company. The Company is focused on the production, exploration and development of precious and base metals in Peru and Mexico. The Company owns interest in the polymetallic Yauricocha Mine in Peru and in the Bolivar and Cusi Mines in Mexico. In addition to its producing mines, the Company also owns various exploration projects in Mexico and Peru. The Company operates under the following segments: Peru- Yauricocha Mine and Mexico - Bolivar and Cusi Mines. The Yauricocha Mine is a Silver-Lead-Zinc-Copper-Gold property comprised of more than 17,000 hectares. The Bolivar Mine is a Copper-Silver-Gold property comprised of approximately 15,000 hectares. The Cusi Mine is a Silver-Lead-Zinc-Gold property comprised of more than 11, 000 hectares.

Shiloh Industries Inc NASDAQ: SHLO

Shiloh Industries, Inc. is a supplier of lightweighting, noise and vibration solutions to the automotive, commercial vehicle and industrial markets. The Company operates through Automotive and Commercial Vehicles segment. The Company offers portfolio of lightweighting solutions in aluminum, magnesium, steel and high strength steel alloys. The Company delivers these solutions through design, engineering and manufacturing of first operation blanks, engineered welded blanks, complex stampings, modular assemblies, and engineered aluminum and magnesium die casting and machined components. The Company offers its solutions through its BlankLight, CastLight and StampLight brands. The Company delivers solutions in body, chassis and powertrain systems to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The Company also provides intermediate steel processing services, such as oiling, leveling, cutting-to-length, slitting, edge trimming of hot and cold-rolled steel coils and inventory control services.

Polar Power Inc NASDAQ: POLA

Polar Power, Inc. (Polar Power) deigns, manufactures and sells direct current (DC), power generators, renewable energy and cooling systems for applications primarily in the telecommunications market and, to a lesser extent, in other markets, including military, electric vehicle charging, marine and industrial. The Company's systems provide energy to service applications that do not have access to the utility grid (such as off-grid applications) or have critical power needs and cannot be without power in the event of utility grid failure (such as back-up power applications). The Company's product offerings include DC base power systems, DC hybrid power systems and DC solar hybrid power systems. Polar Power’s DC power systems are available in diesel, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas/propane and renewable formats, with diesel, natural gas and propane gas being the predominate formats


Vuzix Corporation is engaged in the design, manufacture, marketing and sale of augmented reality display devices also referred to as head mounted displays (HMDs, but also known as video eyewear or near-eye displays), in the form of Smart Glasses, and Augmented Reality (AR) glasses. Its AR wearable display devices are worn like eyeglasses or attach to a head worn mount. These devices typically include cameras, sensors, and a computer that enable the user to view, record and interact with video and digital content, such as computer data, the Internet, social media or entertainment applications. Its wearable display products integrate micro-display technology with advanced optics to produce compact high-resolution display engines, which when viewed through its smart glasses’ products create virtual images that appear comparable in size to that of a computer monitor or a large-screen television. Its offered products are M series Smart Glasses, Blade Smart Glasses and other AR Products.

Bed Bath & Beyond Inc NASDAQ: BBBY

Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. is a retailer, which operates under the names Bed Bath & Beyond (BBB), Christmas Tree Shops, Christmas Tree Shops andThat! or andThat! (collectively, CTS), Harmon or Harmon Face Values (collectively, Harmon), buybuy BABY (Baby) and World Market, Cost Plus World Market or Cost Plus (collectively, Cost Plus World Market). The Company operates in two segments: North American Retail and Institutional Sales. The Company sells a range of domestics merchandise and home furnishings. Domestics merchandise includes categories, such as bed linens and related items, bath items and kitchen textiles. Home furnishings include categories, such as kitchen and tabletop items, fine tabletop, basic housewares, general home furnishings, consumables and juvenile products. The Company operates approximately 1,530 stores plus its various Websites, other interactive platforms and distribution facilities.

Cocrystal Pharma Inc NASDAQ: COCP

Cocrystal Pharma, Inc., is a clinical stage biotechnology company. The Company focuses on discovering and developing novel antiviral therapeutics as treatments for serious and/or chronic viral diseases. The Company focuses on developing and commercializing antiviral drug candidates for the treatment and prophylaxis of hepatitis C, influenza and norovirus. The Company uses computational methods to screen and design product candidates using its cocrystal structural information. The Company’s Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Non-Nucleoside Polymerase Inhibitor CC-31244 is a pan-genotypic inhibitor of NS5B polymerase for the treatment of hepatitis C infection. The Company’s CC-42344 is a novel PB2 inhibitor for the treatment of influenza infection. The Company is also focused on identifying and developing nucleoside and non-nucleoside polymerase inhibitors for the treatment of Norovirus infections.

CorePoint Lodging Inc NYSE: CPLG

CorePoint Lodging Inc., is a real estate investment trust. The Company is focused on select-service midscale and upper-midscale lodging. The Company owns a geographically diverse portfolio of 316 hotels and more than 40,000 rooms across 41 states. Its hotels are located primarily in or near employment centers, airports and other travel thoroughfares. The Company's main focus is on the mid-tier, select service space, because hotel developers are migrating to this tier, attracted by the strong cash-on-cash returns available from mid-tier hotels.

Halliburton Co NYSE: HAL

Halliburton Company provides services and products to the upstream oil and natural gas industry throughout the lifecycle of the reservoir, from locating hydrocarbons and managing geological data, to drilling and formation evaluation, well construction and completion, and optimizing production throughout the life of the field. It operates through two segments: the Completion and Production segment, and the Drilling and Evaluation segment. The Completion and Production segment delivers cementing, stimulation, intervention, pressure control, specialty chemicals, artificial lift and completion services. The Drilling and Evaluation segment provides field and reservoir modeling, drilling, evaluation and wellbore placement solutions that enable customers to model, measure, drill and optimize their well construction activities. It serves national and independent oil and natural gas companies. As of December 31, 2016, it had conducted business in approximately 70 countries around the world.

AgeX Therapeutics Inc NYSE American: AGE

AgeX Therapeutics Inc. is a biotechnology company. The Company is focused on the development and commercialization of therapeutics targeting human aging. Its induced Tissue Regeneration (iTR) technology is based telomerase-mediated cellular immortality and regenerative biology. Its pipeline includes two cell-based, two drug-based therapeutic products, online database products and research products. The Company’s AGEX-BAT1 is its cell therapy product candidate that is being developed for the treatment of certain age-related metabolic disorders, such as Type II (adult-onset) diabetes. AGEX-VASC1 is its cell-based therapy that is designed to restore vascular support in aged ischemic tissues such as the aging heart. AGEX-iTR1547 is its drug-based formulation developed to restore regenerative potential in an array of aged tissues afflicted with degenerative disease using its proprietary iTR technology. Renelon is its iTR product candidate designed to promote scar less tissue repair.


Uxin Limited operates used car e-commerce platform in China. The Company enables people to buy the car of their choice. The Company’s platform consists of two synergistic businesses: Uxin Used Car and Uxin Auction. Uxin Used Car is a business catering to consumer buyers, primarily provides consumers with customized car recommendations, financing, title transfer, delivery, insurance referral, warranty and other related services. Uxin Auction is a business catering to business buyers, primarily provides businesses with a comprehensive suite of solutions, helping them source vehicles, optimizing their turnover and facilitating cross-regional transactions.

Auryn Resources Inc NYSE American: AUG

Auryn Resources Inc, formerly Georgetown Capital Corp, is a Canada-based junior exploration company. The Company is focused on the acquisition, exploration and development of mineral resource properties. The Company holds interest in the Committee Bay Project in Nunavut, Canada. The Committee Bay Project consists of approximately 210,000 hectares situated along the Committee Bay Greenstone Belt (the CBGB) over 180 kilometers North East of the Meadowbank mine and extends approximately 300 kilometers northeast. The Company holds rights to approximately two gold properties in the Tacna province of Southern Peru, the Huilacollo and Curibaya properties. The Huilacollo and Curibaya properties consists a total of approximately 33,600 hectares within the prolific Pliocene gold/silver (Au/Ag) epithermal and Miocene copper/aurum (Cu/Au) porphyry belts respectively.

Retail Properties of America Inc NYSE: RPAI

Retail Properties of America, Inc. is a real estate investment trust (REIT). The Company owns and operates shopping centers located in the United States. As of December 31, 2016, it owned 156 retail operating properties representing 25,832,000 square feet of gross leasable area (GLA). Its retail operating portfolio includes neighborhood and community centers, power centers, and lifestyle centers and multi-tenant retail-focused mixed-use properties, as well as single-user retail properties. As of December 31, 2016, it had identified 10 target markets, including Dallas, Washington, District of Columbia/Baltimore, New York, Atlanta, Seattle, Chicago, Houston, San Antonio, Phoenix and Austin. Its properties include 23rd Street Plaza, Azalea Square I, Boulevard Plaza, Brown's Lane, Cranberry Square, Denton Crossing, Dorman Center I & II, Edgemont Town Center, Edwards Multiplex, Green's Corner, Home Depot Plaza, Lake Mary Pointe, Lincoln Park, University Town Center and Winchester Commons.

Empire State Realty Trust Inc NYSE: ESRT

Empire State Realty Trust, Inc. is a real estate investment trust. The Company owns, manages, operates, acquires and repositions office and retail properties in Manhattan and the greater New York metropolitan area, including the Empire State Building. The Company operates through two segments: Real Estate and Observatory. The Real Estate segment includes all activities related to the ownership, management, operation, acquisition, repositioning and disposition of its real estate assets. The Observatory segment operates the 86th and 102nd floor observatories at the Empire State Building. As of December 31, 2016, its portfolio consisted of 14 office properties and six standalone retail properties totaling approximately 10.1 million rentable square feet. The Company's properties include One Grand Central Place, 1400 Broadway, 111 West 33rd Street, 250 West 57th Street, 1359 Broadway and 1333 Broadway.

Lianluo Smart Ltd NASDAQ: LLIT

Lianluo Smart Ltd, formerly Dehaier Medical Systems Limited, distributes and provides after-sale services for medical equipment in China through its subsidiary, Beijing Dehaier Medical Technology Co. Limited (BDL), and its affiliate, Beijing Dehaier Technology Limited (BTL). The Company, through its subsidiaries and affiliate, distributes branded medical equipment, such as sleep apnea machines, ventilator air compressors, Color Dopller Imaging Machine and laryngoscope. It also has the distribution rights for a range of international medical equipment suppliers for products, including ventilator, Color Dopller Imaging Machine, laryngoscope, sleep apnea machines and other medical equipment accessories. The Company develops and distributes medical devices focusing primarily on sleep respiratory solutions to obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS). Its distribution offerings are medical equipment used in the operating room, the intensive care unit (ICU) and the emergency room.

Xeris Pharmaceuticals Inc NASDAQ: XERS

Xeris Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a specialty pharmaceutical company. The Company is engaged in developing and commercializing injectable and infusible drug formulations. It uses its non-aqueous formulation technology platforms, XeriSol and XeriJect, to develop and commercialize its products. Its formulation technologies allow for the subcutaneous (SC) and intramuscular (IM) delivery of formulations of peptides, proteins, antibodies and small molecules using commercially-available syringes, auto-injectors, multi-dose pens and infusion pumps. The Company is developing its lead product candidate, the Glucagon Rescue Pen, for the treatment of severe hypoglycemia in people with diabetes. It is also developing treatments for post-bariatric hypoglycemia, congenital hyperinsulinism, hypoglycemia-associated autonomic failure and exercise-induced hypoglycemia. Its Glucagon Rescue Pen offers a stable glucagon that is designed to be administered subcutaneously in a simple two-step process.

Brookfield Property REIT Inc NASDAQ: BPYU

Brookfield Property REIT Inc. (BPR) is a commercial real estate company. The Company is formed as a public security that focusses to offer economic equivalence to an investment in Brookfield Property Partners in the form of a United States REIT stock. BPR operates in a single reportable segment, which includes the operation, development and management of retail and other rental properties. The Company owns a property portfolio comprised primarily of Class A retail properties. The Company owns, either entirely or with joint venture partners, around 122 retail properties located throughout the United States comprising approximately 120 million square feet of gross leasable area (GLA). The Company’s properties include 200 Lafayette, 218 W 57th Street, 605 North Michigan Avenue, 530 Fifth Avenue, 685 Fifth Avenue, 730 Fifth Avenue, 830 N. Michigan Ave, Beachwood Place, Bellis Fair, Brass Mill Center, Columbia Mall and Coral Ridge Mall.

Clearsign Technologies Corp NASDAQ: CLIR

ClearSign Technologies Corp., formerly ClearSign Combustion Corporation, is engaged in designing and developing technologies for the purpose of managing performance characteristics of combustion systems, including emission and operational performance, and energy efficiency. The Company's Duplex and Electrodynamic Combustion Control (ECC) platform technologies manage the performance of combustion systems in a range of markets, including the energy (upstream oil production and down-stream refining), commercial/industrial boiler, chemical, petrochemical, and power industries. The Company's Duplex technology uses a porous ceramic tile above a standard burner to reduce flame length and achieve low emissions without the need for external flue gas recirculation, catalytic reduction, or air systems. The Company's ECC technology offers a computer-controlled voltage electric field into a combustion volume in order to control gas-phase chemical reactions and manage system performance.

Soleno Therapeutics Inc NASDAQ: SLNO

Soleno Therapeutics, Inc., formerly Capnia, Inc., is a healthcare company that develops and commercializes neonatology devices and diagnostics. The Company also has a therapeutics platform based on its proprietary technology for precision metering of gas flow. The Company offers products, such as CoSense end-tidal carbon monoxide (ETCO) Monitor, NeoPIP Infant Resuscitator and Accessories, and Serenz Nasal Relief. The Company has developed the CoSense End-Tidal Carbon Monoxide Monitor that measures ETCO for the detection of dangerous hemolysis rates. The Infant Solutions product line, including the NeoPIP Infant Resuscitator Unit and accessories, is designed for controlled and accurate resuscitation of neonates and infants in the clinical environment. Serenz Nasal Relief is a hand-held nasal irrigator that uses carbon dioxide (CO2) gas to wash the nasal passages.

Ovid Therapeutics Inc NASDAQ: OVID

Ovid Therapeutics Inc. (Ovid) is a biopharmaceutical company. The Company is engaged in developing medicines for patients and families living with rare neurological disorders. Its lead drug candidate is OV101. The Company’s second lead drug candidate is OV935. OV101 (gaboxadol) is a delta-selective GABAA receptor agonist. Ovid is developing OV101 for use in both Angelman syndrome and Fragile X syndrome to potentially restore tonic inhibition and relieve several of the symptoms of these disorders. Ovid has initiated the Phase II STARS trial of OV101 in adults with Angelman syndrome and a Phase I trial in adolescents with Angelman syndrome or Fragile X syndrome. Ovid is also developing OV935 in collaboration with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited for the treatment of rare epileptic encephalopathies.


The Gap, Inc. (Gap Inc.) is an apparel retail company. The Company offers apparel, accessories and personal care products for men, women and children under the Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Athleta and Intermix brands. Its products are available to customers online through Company-owned Websites and through the use of third-parties that provide logistics and fulfillment services. In addition to operating in the specialty, outlet, online and franchise channels, it also uses the Company's omni-channel capabilities to bridge the digital world and physical stores. Its omni-channel services, including order-in-store, reserve-in-store, find-in-store and ship-from-store are tailored across its portfolio of brands. It also sells products that are designed and manufactured by branded third-parties, especially at its Intermix brands. It has Company-operated stores in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Japan, Italy, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mexico.

Macerich Co NYSE: MAC

The Macerich Company is a self-administered and self-managed real estate investment trust (REIT). The Company is focused on the acquisition, ownership, development, redevelopment, management, and leasing of regional shopping centers located throughout the United States. The Company owns ownership interests in The Macerich Partnership, L.P. (the Operating Partnership). The Company, through its operating partnership, owns ownership interests in 51 million square feet of real estate consisting primarily of 47 regional shopping centers. The Company's properties are concentrated in California, Arizona and the eastern United States including Santa Monica Place, Scottsdale Fashion Square, Queens Center, Kings Plaza, Tysons Corner Center and Fashion Outlets of Chicago.

Bluerock Residential Growth REIT Inc NYSE American: BRG

Bluerock Residential Growth REIT, Inc. is a real estate investment trust. The Company is focused on acquiring a portfolio of residential real estate assets. As of December 31, 2016, the Company's portfolio consisted of interests in 31 properties (21 operating and 10 development properties). As of December 31, 2016, its properties contained an aggregate of 9,570 units, consisting of 6,972 operating units and 2,598 units under development. As of December 31, 2016, its operating properties included ARIUM at Palmer Ranch, Sarasota; ARIUM Grandewood, Orlando; ARIUM Gulfshore, Naples; ARIUM Palms, Orlando; ARIUM Pine Lakes, Port St. Lucie; ARIUM Westside, Atlanta; Ashton Reserve, Charlotte; Enders at Baldwin Park, Orlando; Fox Hill, Austin; Lansbrook Village, Palm Harbor; Legacy at Southpark, Austin; Nevadan, Atlanta; Roswell City Walk, Roswell; Sorrel, Frisco; Sovereign, Fort Worth; The Preserve at Henderson Beach, Destin; Village Green of Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor, and Whetstone, Durham.

TD Holdings Inc NASDAQ: GLG

TD HOLDINGS, INC., formerly BAT GROUP, INC., is a China-based holding company principally involved in the used luxurious car leasing business that is conducted under the brand name Batcar. The Company provides a variety of brands and types of high-end cars for leasing. The Company primarily conducts its businesses in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, China.

Arbor Realty Trust Inc NYSE: ABR

Arbor Realty Trust, Inc. is a real estate investment trust. The Company invests in a portfolio of structured finance assets in the multifamily and commercial real estate markets, primarily consisting of bridge and mezzanine loans, including junior participating interests in first mortgages, preferred and direct equity. Its segments include Structured Business and Agency Business. In addition, the Company may also directly acquire real property and invest in real estate-related notes and certain mortgage-related securities. It focuses on investment types, such as Bridge Financing, Mezzanine Financing, Junior Participation Financing and Preferred Equity Investments. It offers bridge financing products to borrowers, typically seeking short-term capital to use in an acquisition of property. It offers mezzanine financing in the form of loans that are subordinate to a conventional first mortgage loan and senior to the borrower's equity in a transaction.

Xinyuan Real Estate Co Ltd NYSE: XIN

Xinyuan Real Estate Co., Ltd. (Xinyuan) is a holding company and conducts business primarily through its operating subsidiaries in China. The Company is a real estate developer and property manager that primarily focuses on residential properties. Xinyuan is engaged in developing large scale residential projects, which consist of multiple residential buildings that include multi-layer apartment buildings, sub-high-rise apartment buildings or high-rise apartment buildings. Its segments include property developments in Zhengzhou, Henan Province; property developments in Jinan, Shandong Province; property developments in Suzhou, Xuzhou and Kunshan, Jiangsu Province; property developments in Chengdu, Sichuan Province; property developments in Beijing; property developments in Sanya, Hainan Province; property developments in Changsha, Hunan Province; property developments in Shanghai; property developments in Tianjin; property developments in the United States, and other.


BGC Partners, Inc. (BGC) is a global brokerage company servicing the financial and real estate markets. The Company operates through two segments: Financial Services and Real Estate Services. It provides a range of services, including trade execution, broker-dealer services clearing, trade compression, post trade, information, and other back-office services to a range of financial and non-financial institutions. Its integrated platform is designed to provide flexibility to customers with regard to price discovery, execution and processing of transactions, and enables them to use voice, hybrid, or in various markets, electronic brokerage services in connection with transactions executed either over-the-counter or through an exchange. Through the Company's FENICS, Lucera, BGC Trader, BGC Market Data and Capitalab brands, it offers electronic brokerage, financial technology solutions, market data, post-trade services, and analytics related to select financial instruments and markets.

Pioneer Power Solutions Inc NASDAQ: PPSI

Pioneer Power Solutions, Inc. manufactures, sells and services a range of specialty electrical transmission, distribution and on-site power generation equipment for applications in the utility, industrial, commercial and backup power markets. The Company's principal products and services include custom low and medium voltage switchgear and engine-generator sets and controls. The Company operates through two segments: Transmission & Distribution Solutions (T&D Solutions) and Critical Power Solutions (Critical Power). Its Critical Power business provides customers with power generation equipment, paralleling switchgear, related electrical distribution infrastructure, and a data collection and monitoring platform. These solutions are marketed by its operations in Minneapolis, doing business under the Pioneer Critical Power Inc. and Titan Energy Systems Inc. brand names.


VEREIT, Inc. is a full-service real estate operating company. The Company owns and actively manages a diversified portfolio of single-tenant retail, restaurant, office and industrial real estate assets subject to long-term net leases with creditworthy tenants. The Company’s business model provides equity capital to creditworthy corporations in return for long-term leases on their properties. The Company focuses on single-tenant, net-leased properties that are strategically located and essential to the business operations of the tenant, as well as retail properties that offer necessity and value-oriented products or services.

Kimco Realty Corp NYSE: KIM

Kimco Realty Corporation is a self-administered real estate investment trust. The Company is specialized in shopping center acquisitions, development, management, and operation of open-air shopping centers, which are anchored generally by discounters, grocery stores, and service-oriented tenants. The Company has interests in approximately 420 United States shopping centers and mixed-use assets comprising of over 73.6 million square feet of gross leasable area (GLA).


Boxlight Corp NASDAQ: BOXL

Boxlight Corporation is an education technology company that develops, sells and services interactive classroom solutions for the global education market. It designs, produces and distributes interactive technologies including flat panels, projectors, peripherals, and accessories to the education market. It also distributes science, technology, engineering and math products, including its robotics and coding system, three-dimensional (3D) printing solution and portable science lab. All of its products are integrated into its classroom software suite that provides tools for whole-class learning, assessment and collaboration. It also offers professional development and training resources to educators including customized programs, online certifications and in-person courses. It provides services to its clients and customers, including installation, training, consulting and maintenance. Its products are sold in approximately 60 countries and its software is available in over 33 languages.

Ideanomics Inc NASDAQ: IDEX

Ideanomics Inc. is focused on facilitating the adoption of commercial electric vehicles and developing financial services and fintech products. The Company’s electric vehicle division, Mobile Energy Global (MEG) provides group purchasing discounts on commercial electric vehicles, electric vehicle (EV) batteries and electricity as well as financing and charging solutions. The Company’s Capital division includes Delaware Board of Trade (DBOT), which is a broker dealer that also operates an Alternative Trading System (ATS) focused on the trading of traditional OTC securities, and Intelligenta provides financial services solutions powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain. Intelligenta offers its AI services for the creation of financial products, risk ratings and indexing, and selection and recommendation systems on behalf of key stakeholders.

CBL & Associates Properties Inc NYSE: CBL

CBL & Associates Properties, Inc. is a self-managed, self-administered, integrated real estate investment trust. The Company owns, develops, acquires, leases, manages and operates regional shopping malls, open-air and mixed-use centers, outlet centers, associated centers, community centers and office properties. The Company’s portfolio is comprised of approximately 108 properties totaling over 68.2 million square feet across 26 states and are primarily in the southeastern and midwestern United States. Its properties include over 68 enclosed, outlet and open-air retail centers and over nine properties managed for third parties.

Brickell Biotech Inc NASDAQ: BBI

Brickell Biotech, Inc., formerly Vical Incorporated, is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company that focuses on the development of therapeutics for the treatment of skin diseases. The Company’s pipeline consists of molecular entities targeting the treatment of the indications, such as hyperhidrosis, cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, allergic contact dermatitis, psoriasis and androgenic alopecia. The Company’s product candidates include BBI-3000, BBI-6000 and Sofpironium Bromide. Sofpironium Bromide is a topical soft anticholinergic for axillary hyperhidrosis. BBI-3000 is an oral rexinoid for cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. BBI-6000 is a retinoic acid-related orphan nuclear receptor gamma antagonist, which is develops for psoriasis.

Trevena Inc NASDAQ: TRVN

Trevena Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company, which is engaged in developing various therapies. The Company is developing OLINVO, a u-receptor G protein pathway selective modulator (u-GPS) for the management of moderate-to-severe acute pain where intravenous (IV) administration is preferred. It is focused on commercializing it in the United States for use in acute care settings, such as hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers. It is also developing TRV250, a G protein biased ligand targeting the o-receptor, as a compound with a non-narcotic mechanism for the treatment of migraine. TRV250 also may have utility in a range of other central nervous system (CNS) indications. It is focused on commencing a Phase I study of TRV250 in the United Kingdom. Its ABLE product platform is a collection of biological information, in vitro assays, know-how and expertise that it uses to identify unique G protein coupled receptors (GPCR)-targeted biased ligands with various pharmaceutical properties.


JAKKS Pacific, Inc. is a multi-line, multi-brand toy company. The Company designs, produces, markets and distributes toys and related products, pet toys, consumables and related products, electronics and related products, kids indoor and outdoor furniture, and other consumer products. The Company operates through two business segments: traditional toys and electronics, and role play, novelty and seasonal toys. The traditional toys and electronics segment includes action figures, vehicles, playsets, plush products, dolls, accessories, electronic products, construction toys, infant and pre-school toys, foot to floor ride-on vehicles, wagons and pet products and related products. The role play, novelty and seasonal segment includes role play and dress-up products, novelty toys, seasonal and outdoor products, indoor and outdoor kids' furniture and Halloween and everyday costume play.


Curis, Inc. is a biotechnology company seeking to develop and commercialize drug candidates for the treatment of cancers. The Company's drug candidate is CUDC-907, an orally-available, small molecule inhibitor of histone deacetylase (HDAC) and phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase (PI3K) enzymes. CUDC-907 is an oral, dual inhibitor of Class I and II HDAC, as well as Class I PI3K enzymes. CA-170 is an oral small molecule drug candidate that is designed to selectively target programmed death ligand-1 (PDL1) and V-domain Ig suppressor of T-cell activation (VISTA) immune checkpoint proteins, both of which independently function as negative regulators of immune activation. CA-4948 is an oral small molecule drug candidate that is designed to inhibit the Interleukin-1 receptor-associated kinase 4 (IRAK4) kinase, which is a transducer of toll-like receptor or certain interleukin receptor signaling pathways.

Genius Brands International Inc NASDAQ: GNUS

Genius Brands International, Inc. is a United States-based brand management company. The Company provides entertaining and enriching content and products with a purpose for toddlers to tweens. The Company produces original content and licenses the rights to that content to a range of partners. Its licensees include companies to which the audio-visual rights are licensed for exhibition in various formats, such as Pay Television, Free or Broadcast Television, video-on-demand (VOD), subscription on demand (SVOD) and digital video discs/compact discs (DVDs/CDs), and companies that develop and distribute products based on its content within different product categories, such as toys, electronics, publishing, home goods, stationary and gifts. The Company owns a portfolio of original children's entertainment that is targeted at toddlers to teens, including Baby Genius, Warren Buffett's Secret Millionaires Club, Thomas Edison's Secret Lab and Stan Lee's Mighty 7.

Pintec Technology Holdings Ltd NASDAQ: PT

Pintec Technology Holdings Ltd is a provider of custom computer programming services. The Company is located in China.

Cohen & Company Inc NYSE American: COHN

Cohen & Company Inc., formerly Institutional Financial Markets, Inc., is a financial services company. The Company specializes in credit-related fixed income investments. The Company provides a range of capital markets, investment banking and asset management solutions to institutional investors, corporations and other small broker-dealers. The Company operates in three segments: Capital Markets, Principal Investing and Asset Management. Its Capital Markets business segment consists of credit-related fixed income sales, as well as issue placements in corporate and securitized products and advisory services. The Principal Investing business segment consists of investments that the Company has made using its own capital excluding investments the Company makes to support its Capital Markets business segment. Its Asset Management business segment manages assets through investment vehicles, such as collateralized debt obligations, permanent capital vehicles and managed accounts.

Oxbridge Re Holdings Ltd NASDAQ: OXBR

Oxbridge Re Holdings Limited is a specialty property and casualty reinsurer. The Company provides reinsurance solutions through its subsidiaries, Oxbridge Reinsurance Limited and Oxbridge RE NS. The Company focuses on underwriting fully collateralized reinsurance contracts primarily for property and casualty insurance companies in the Gulf Coast region of the United States. The Company operates through the Subsidiaries, which provides collateralized reinsurance in the property catastrophe market and invests in various insurance-linked securities. The Company operates a single business segment, being property catastrophe reinsurance. Its core business is focused on the provision of property catastrophe reinsurance coverage to a range of select insurance companies and other reinsurers.

Salem Media Group Inc NASDAQ: SALM

Salem Media Group, Inc., formerly Salem Communications Corporation, is a multi-media company specializing in Christian and Conservative content, with media properties consisting of radio broadcasting, digital media, and book, magazine and newsletter publishing. The Company operates through three segments: Broadcast, Digital Media and Publishing. The Company's broadcasting segment is engaged in the ownership and operation of radio stations in metropolitan markets. The Company's radio stations carry national and local programming content, as well as national and local advertisers. The Company's Digital Media segment focuses on Web-based platform designed for audiences interested in Christian and family-themed content and conservative news. The Company's publishing segment consists of Regnery Publishing, Xulon Press and Salem Publishing. The Company owns and operates approximately 116 radio stations in over 40 markets.

Washington Prime Group Inc NYSE: WPG

Washington Prime Group Inc. (WPG Inc.), formerly WP Glimcher Inc., operates as a self-administered and self-managed real estate investment trust (REIT). The Company's primary business is the ownership, development and management of retail real estate within the United States. The Company owns, develops and manages enclosed retail properties and community centers. As of December 31, 2016, its assets consisted of material interests in 114 shopping centers in the United States, consisting of approximately 63 million square feet of gross leasable area. The Company also owns parcels of land, which can be used for either the development of new shopping centers or the expansion of existing properties. Washington Prime Group, L.P. is the Company's majority-owned partnership subsidiary that owns, develops and manages, through its affiliates, all of WPG Inc.'s real estate properties and other assets. Its properties include Irving Mall, Lindale Mall, Markland Plaza and Royal Eagle Plaza.

T2 Biosystems Inc NASDAQ: TTOO

T2 Biosystems, Inc. is an in vitro diagnostics company engaged in developing a technology platform offering an alternative to diagnostic methodologies. The Company's T2 Magnetic Resonance platform (T2MR) enables detection of pathogens, biomarkers and other abnormalities in a range of unpurified patient sample types, including whole blood, plasma, serum, saliva, sputum and urine, and can detect cellular targets at limits of detection as one colony forming unit per milliliter (CFU/mL). The Company's initial development efforts target sepsis, hemostasis and Lyme disease. T2MR is a miniaturized, magnetic resonance-based approach that measures how water molecules react in the presence of magnetic fields. Its platform detects a range of targets, including molecular targets, such as deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), immunodiagnostics, such as proteins, and a range of hemostasis measurements. The Company offers T2Dx Instrument (T2Dx) and the T2Candida Panel.

Barnwell Industries Inc NYSE American: BRN

Barnwell Industries, Inc. is engaged in various lines of business, such as acquiring, developing, producing and selling oil and natural gas in Canada; investing in land interests in Hawaii; drilling wells, and installing and repairing water pumping systems in Hawaii, and developing homes for sale in Hawaii. The Company's segments include Oil and Natural Gas Segment; Land Investment Segment; Contract Drilling Segment, and Residential Real Estate Segment. The Company's investments in oil and natural gas properties are located in Canada, principally in the province of Alberta, with other non-producing holdings in the provinces of Saskatchewan and British Columbia. It holds interests in Kaupulehu Developments, a Hawaii general partnership. Its subsidiary, Water Resources International, Inc., drills water and water monitoring wells of varying depths in Hawaii, installs and repairs water-pumping systems, and is the distributor for Floway pumps and equipment in the state of Hawaii.

GEE Group Inc NYSE American: JOB

GEE Group Inc., formerly General Employment Enterprises, Inc., is a provider of specialized staffing solutions. The Company operates through two segments: contract staffing services and direct hire placement. The Company's professional staffing services provide information technology, engineering, medical and accounting professionals to clients on either a regular placement basis or a temporary contract basis. The Company's industrial staffing business provides weekly temporary staffing for light industrial clients, primarily in Ohio. The Company and its subsidiaries provide professional placement services specializing in the placement of information technology, engineering, and accounting professionals, and medical data entry assistants (medical scribes) specializing in electronic medical records (EMR) services for emergency departments, specialty physician practices and clinics, for direct hire and contract staffing, and temporary staffing services in light industrial staffing.

Cleveland Biolabs Inc NASDAQ: CBLI

Cleveland BioLabs, Inc. (CBLI) is a biopharmaceutical company. The Company is engaged in developing approaches to activate the immune system and address serious medical needs. Its platform of Toll-like immune receptor activators has applications in mitigation of radiation injury and immuno-oncology. Its advanced product candidate is Entolimod, an immuno-stimulatory agent, which it is developing as a radiation countermeasure and an immunotherapy for oncology and other indications. Its other products include CBLB612, Mobilan and CBL0137. CBLB612 is a compound based upon a natural activator of another tissue-specific component of the innate immune system, the toll-like receptor 2 (TLR2)/ toll-like receptor 6 (TLR6) heterodimeric receptor. Mobilan is a recombinant non-replicating adenovirus that directs expression of TLR5 and its agonistic ligand. CBL0137 is a small molecule with a multi-targeted mechanism of action that may be useful for the treatment of various types of cancer.

Dunxin Financial Holdings Ltd NYSE American: DXF

Dunxin Financial Holdings Limited, formerly China Xiniya Fashion Limited, is a microfinance lending company. The Company primarily provides loans to individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises. On December 28, 2017, the Company closed the CIB Transaction Agreement with True Silver Limited (True Silver), a British Virgin Islands company, and Honest Plus Investments Limited (Honest Plus), pursuant to which the Company agreed to acquire all of the issued and outstanding shares of True Silver owned by Honest Plus. The Company operates its microfinance lending business through its wholly owned subsidiaries, True Silver, via the variable interest entity (VIE) structure, operates and consolidates 80% of the financial results of Hubei Chutian Microfinance Co., Ltd. (Chutian), which is a China-based company engaged in the lending of small loans to customers.


MYOS RENS Technology Inc. is focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of nutritional ingredients, functional foods, and other technologies for maintaining or improving the health and performance of muscle tissue. Its research is focused on developing strategies and therapeutic interventions to address muscle-related conditions, including sarcopenia, cachexia, and inherited and acquired muscle diseases. The Company, through its subsidiary, holds the intellectual property pertaining to Fortetropin, which is a dietary supplement that has been shown in clinical studies to temporarily decrease the levels of serum myostatin, MYO-T12, a formulation containing Fortetropin. Fortetropin is the Company’s all-natural food ingredient clinically shown to enhance muscle size, lean body mass and strength as part of resistance training in humans. Fortetropin is made from fertilized chicken egg yolks using a process that retains the biological integrity and bioactivity of the product.

InnerWorkings Inc NASDAQ: INWK

InnerWorkings, Inc. is a marketing execution company. The Company's software applications and databases create an integrated solution that stores, analyzes and tracks the production capabilities of its supplier network, as well as detailed pricing data. The Company's segments include North America and International. The North America segment includes operations in the United States and Canada. The International segment includes operations in Mexico, South America, Central America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. The Company procures products for clients across a range of industries, such as retail, financial services, hospitality, consumer packaged goods, non-profits, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, broadcasting and cable and transportation. The Company's clients are classified into over two categories, enterprise and transactional. The Company provides marketing materials to its transactional clients on an order-by-order basis.

NTN Buzztime Inc NYSE American: NTN

NTN Buzztime, Inc., formerly Alroy Industries, delivers entertainment and dining technology to bars and restaurants in North America. The Company provides an entertainment and marketing services platform for hospitality venues that offers games, events, and entertainment experiences to their customers. Its customers offer guests trivia, card, sports and arcade games, nationwide competitions, and self-service dining features, including dynamic menus, touchscreen ordering and secure payment by licensing the Company's customizable solution. Its platform creates connections among the players and venues. Its network subscriber venues are related to national and regional restaurant brands, including Buffalo Wild Wings, Old Chicago, Beef O'Brady's, Aroogas, Buffalo Wings & Rings, Native New Yorker and Boston Pizza. Its entertainment system enables players to interact at the venue, and it also enables competition between venues, referred to as multiplayer gaming.


Farmmi Inc is a China-based holding company. The Company, through its subsidiaries, is engaged in processing and distributing dried edible mushrooms, mainly Shiitake and Mu Er mushrooms, and trading other agricultural products. The Company produces andsells Shiitake mushrooms, Mu Er mushrooms, other edible fungi, and other agricultural products such as rice and edible oil. The Company also sells non-fungi agricultural products such as crabs and oranges on its online store Farmmi Liangpin Market ((

Westwater Resources Inc NASDAQ: WWR

Westwater Resources Inc. is a diversified energy materials developer. The Company holds battery-graphite development properties in Alabama, exploration properties with lithium exploration potential in Nevada and Utah, two idled uranium production properties in Texas and several Vanadium and uranium properties in Texas and New Mexico. The Company’s operated projects are Coosa Graphite Project, Bama Mine Project, COOSA Graphite-Vanadium Project, Columbus Basin, Sal Rica, Rosita, Butler Ranch, Vasquez, Cebolleta, Ambrosia Lake and Nose Rock properties. The Company’s COOSA Graphite Project comprises of 42,000 acres and is a graphite project. The Bama Mine Project is located in Alabama Graphite Belt and comprises of 1,300 acres of land. The vanadium mineralization at the Coosa project occurs principally as the mineral roscoelite, a medium to dark green mica mineral that has been a global source for vanadium.

Atlas Financial Holdings Inc NASDAQ: AFH

Atlas Financial Holdings, Inc. is a financial services holding company. The Company, through its subsidiaries, is engaged in the underwriting of commercial automobile insurance policies, focusing on the light commercial automobile sector. It operates through the property and casualty (P&C) insurance business segment. Its automobile sector includes taxi cabs, non-emergency para-transit, limousine, livery and business auto. Its automobile insurance products provide insurance coverage in over three areas, including liability, accident benefits and physical damage. Its liability insurance provides coverage subject to policy terms and conditions where the insured is determined to be responsible and/or liable for an automobile accident, for the payment for injuries and property damage to third parties. The accident benefit policies or provide coverage for loss of income, medical and rehabilitation expenses for insured persons injured in an automobile accident, regardless of fault.


Yunhong CTI Ltd., formerly CTI Industries Corporation, develops, produces and distributes various consumer products and sells these products throughout the United States and in over 35 other countries. The Company designs, manufactures and distributes film products. It is a developer of products, which employ flexible films, including balloons, pouches and rolls of film for vacuum sealing and storage of products in the home and films for commercial packaging applications. Its principal lines of products include Novelty Products, consisting of foil and latex balloons and other inflatable toy items, and also Candy Blossoms (small containers of arranged candy items, including a small inflated balloon); Vacuum Sealing Containers and Sealing Devices, which are for home and consumer use to vacuum seal, store and preserve food and personal items, and Flexible Films, for food and other commercial and packaging applications.

Immuron Ltd NASDAQ: IMRN

Immuron Limited is a biopharmaceutical company. The Company focuses on the research and development of bovine-colostrum enriched with antibodies of choice for the treatment and prevention of a range of infections and immune modulated diseases. The Company has three segments: Research and Development (R&D), HyperImmune Products and Corporate. The R&D segment focuses on the Company's research and development projects performed in Australia and Israel. The Company sells and licenses its product, Travelan. The HyperImmune Products segment is engaged in its Travelan product's activities, which occur in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. The Corporate segment's activities primarily occur in Australia. It also develops products for applications, including non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), alcoholic steatohepatitis (ASH) and clostridium difficile (C-Diff), diabetes, colitis and uropathogenic escherichia coli (UPEC). The Company also offers Protectyn, IMM 124-E-NASH and IMM 529-CDI.

Amarin Corporation PLC NASDAQ: AMRN

Amarin Corporation plc is a biopharmaceutical company with operations in lipid science focused on the commercialization and development of therapeutics for cardiovascular health. The Company operates through the development and commercialization of Vascepa segment. The Company's lead product, Vascepa (icosapent ethyl) capsule, is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use as an adjunct to diet to reduce triglyceride levels in adult patients with severe hypertriglyceridemia. This indication for Vascepa, known as the MARINE indication, is based primarily on the results from the MARINE study of Vascepa in this approved patient population. The Company sells Vascepa principally to wholesalers, as well as selected regional wholesalers and specialty pharmacy providers, or collectively, its distributors, which in turn resell Vascepa to retail pharmacies for resale to patients and healthcare providers.

HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd OTCQX International: HVBTF

HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd, formerly Leeta Gold Corp, is a Canada-based company within blockchain sector. It partners with Genesis Mining Ltd, a cryptocurrency mining hashrate provider, in order to operate blockchain infrastructure, namely cryptocurrency mining facility in Iceland. The facility produces mined cryptocurrency Ethereum around the clock and is monitored with Genesis Hive, Genesis' proprietary software tool for large-scale mining, to automatically optimize chip temperatures and power consumption needed for coin production. Also, the Company partners with Fiore Group, a Canadian merchant banking firm, in order to accelerate development of the blockchain sector through traditional capital markets.

Fine tune your entries with Anchored VWAP

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Dividend Stocks Update

Company Dividend Yield Annual Payout Payout Ratio 3-Year Dividend Growth P/E Ratio Market Cap Industry
CALM Cal-Maine Foods 19.64% $8.80 56.74% 94.04% 2.90 $2.19B Agricultural production - livestock & animal specialties
MPW Medical Properties Trust 13.29% $1.16 232.00% 4.38% 17.60 $5.22B Real estate investment trusts
ORCC Owl Rock Capital 9.93% $1.32 83.02% 26.67% 8.48 $5.18B  
OMF OneMain 9.63% $4.00 64.94% 56.05% 6.79 $5.01B Personal credit institutions
HIW Highwoods Properties 9.38% $2.00 132.45% 1.72% 14.06 $2.25B Real estate investment trusts
KEY KeyCorp 8.73% $0.82 46.33% 3.62% 5.32 $8.78B National commercial banks
WU Western Union 8.30% $0.94 47.00% 5.52% 5.66 $4.24B Business services, not elsewhere classified
FIBK First Interstate BancSystem 8.14% $1.88 68.36% 11.09% 8.65 $2.41B State commercial banks
SBLK Star Bulk Carriers 7.74% $1.40 32.56% 406.58% 4.27 $1.86B Deep sea foreign transportation of freight
KRC Kilroy Realty 7.65% $2.16 107.46% 3.54% 14.36 $3.31B Real estate investment trusts
LNC Lincoln National 7.57% $1.80 -9.38% 6.03% -1.24 $4.03B Life insurance
AAT American Assets Trust 7.36% $1.32 160.98% 3.94% 22.50 $1.09B Real estate investment trusts
VZ Verizon Communications 7.32% $2.61 50.78% 2.01% 6.97 $149.83B Telephone communication, except radio
MAIN Main Street Capital 7.08% $2.70 81.57% 2.40% 11.50 $3.07B Eating places
BOH Bank of Hawaii 6.69% $2.80 52.83% 2.63% 8.11 $1.66B State commercial banks
PPBI Pacific Premier Bancorp 6.66% $1.32 45.05% 14.47% 6.95 $1.90B State commercial banks
OKE ONEOK 6.63% $3.82 72.08% 1.94% 10.87 $25.76B Gas transmission & distribution
CFG Citizens Financial Group 6.60% $1.68 40.48% 6.00% 6.28 $12.32B State commercial banks
BNS Bank of Nova Scotia 6.34% $3.05 59.92% 5.07% 9.55 $57.60B State commercial banks
CVBF CVB Financial 6.22% $0.80 45.20% 2.26% 7.46 $1.79B State commercial banks
CUZ Cousins Properties 6.18% $1.28 119.63% 3.34% 19.46 $3.14B Real estate investment trusts
GES Guess' 6.09% $1.20 63.49% 16.96% 10.55 $1.06B Womens', misses', childrens', & infants' undergarments
HBAN Huntington Bancshares 6.08% $0.62 40.00% 2.25% 6.65 $14.72B National commercial banks
WBA Walgreens Boots Alliance 6.07% $1.92 -52.60% 2.18% -8.74 $27.30B Drug stores & proprietary stores
USB U.S. Bancorp 5.98% $1.92 51.06% 5.97% 8.62 $49.19B Banks—Regional
PRU Prudential Financial 5.96% $5.00 5,555.56% 6.27% 940.67 $30.63B Life insurance
CM Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce 5.94% $2.49 62.88% 5.54% 10.57 $38.47B Commercial banks, not elsewhere classified
SASR Sandy Spring Bancorp 5.94% $1.36 35.23% 4.85% 6.14 $1.03B National commercial banks
MFC Manulife Financial 5.92% $1.08 49.54% 10.82% 8.47 $33.54B Life insurance
JHG Janus Henderson Group 5.90% $1.56 73.24% 2.48% 12.57 $4.38B Investment advice

Looking to open new Barbershop in the Tampa area

Executive Summary

This business plan outlines the goals and strategies for opening a new barbershop in Tampa, FL. The barbershop will be located in a high-traffic area with a large male population. The target market is men ages 18-45 who are interested in getting a traditional haircut and shave. The barbershop will offer a variety of services, including haircuts, shaves, beard trims, and hair styling. The pricing will be competitive with other barbershops in the area. The marketing plan will focus on word-of-mouth referrals, online advertising, and print advertising. The financial projections show that the barbershop will be profitable within the first year of operation.

Company Description

The barbershop will be a traditional, full-service barber shop that offers a variety of services for men, including haircuts, shaves, beard trims, and hair styling. The barbershop will be located in a high-traffic area with a large male population. The target market is men ages 18-45 who are interested in getting a traditional haircut and shave.

Market Analysis

The men's grooming industry is a growing industry. The number of men who get haircuts and shaves on a regular basis is increasing. The barbershop industry is also becoming more competitive, as more and more barbershops open up. However, there is still room for new barbershops in the market, especially in areas with a large male population.

Competitor Analysis

There are a number of other barbershops in the area. However, the barbershop will differentiate itself by offering a high-quality haircut and shave at a competitive price. The barbershop will also offer a variety of services that other barbershops in the area do not offer, such as beard trims and hair styling.

Products and Services

The barbershop will offer a variety of services, including:

  • Haircuts
  • Shaves
  • Beard trims
  • Hair styling
  • Manicures
  • Pedicures

Financial Projections

The financial projections for the barbershop show that the business will be profitable within the first year of operation. The barbershop is expected to generate $200,000 in revenue in the first year and $300,000 in revenue in the second year. The barbershop is expected to be profitable by the end of the first year, with a net income of $20,000.

Marketing Plan

The marketing plan for the barbershop will focus on word-of-mouth referrals, online advertising, and print advertising. The barbershop will also offer a loyalty program to encourage repeat customers.

Management and Organization

The barbershop will be managed by the owner, who has over 10 years of experience in the men's grooming industry. The owner will be assisted by two barbers.

Operations Plan

The barbershop will be open seven days a week, from 10am to 6pm. The barbershop will be staffed by two barbers at all times.

Risk Management

The barbershop faces a number of risks, including:

  • Competition from other barbershops
  • Economic downturn
  • Changes in customer preferences

The barbershop will mitigate these risks by offering a high-quality haircut and shave at a competitive price, and by staying up-to-date on the latest trends in men's grooming.

Additional Information

The barbershop will be located in a high-traffic area with a large male population. The barbershop will be leased from a landlord. The lease will be for a term of five years. The barbershop will be decorated in a traditional barbershop style.


For further info email:

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